Born out of necessity

As a young child, my parents would find me outside in the gravel lot with a pocket full of brilliant golden agates. Little did I know, this love and curiosity of minerals would one day be what healed me both mentally and physically when I needed it most. At the age of 19, I was in a near fatal accident while serving in the USArmy. The incident should have, according to the neurosurgeons that performed the surgery that removed shattered vertebrae from my spinal cord, left me with paralysis and somehow did not. The surgeon and his colleagues were in disbelief and had no idea what would be in store for me in the future. As a young woman who aimed to make the military her career, I found myself lost after I was medically discharged. The pain, both mental and physical, was near unbearable most times. How could this have happened? What was I to make of myself if it wasn't to serve in the Army indefinitely? The years following were full of medical negligence and a cabinet full of prescriptions to 'help' me live what I was told was a normal life.

In my late 20's I knew I needed to change something, anything, if I wanted to see myself survive any longer. After a few very difficult family losses, I moved away from everything I knew determined to start fresh and make my life what I wanted it to be, what I NEEDED it to be to keep me alive. I went through schooling for a profession I felt could support me and that is when I found Evan. Evan offered support in a way I had never known before. He acknowledged my struggle and was proud of all I had endured and overcome. Evan allowed me to see myself not as the failure I felt I was, but as a Phoenix who was shaking the ashes off of her wings and ready to take flight. I found joy in life that allowed me to rediscover the parts of myself I thought were long gone.

One day while hiking, a glimmer caught my eye. It was a small chunk of quartz with flecks of pyrite on the surface. I crouched down to pick it up and was suddenly that little girl again, who had pockets filled with stones. I realized at that moment that I had my answer to what I needed to do in my life. I didn't need the mood stabilizers or the pain medications or the brain numbing pharmaceuticals. I needed that spark of passion I had been missing all along but was there this whole time.

Thus Moon Goddess Minerals was born. The moon is a symbol of what is shaded by darkness. To ignore the shadows that brought me to this point would mean to ignore my entire self, I chose to honor it. It was overtime that my collection grew. People that would come into my life would often be gifted a stone or two that I felt may help them on their journeys, and they did! Soon, I decided to leave behind the path of the profession I thought would support me to explore something new that sparked happiness and joy. It's almost silly to type out but rocks just may have saved my life! To be able to offer them to others is a gift that I can't explain the feeling of and to have my life partner by my side adding his touches makes it that much more incredible.

Evan is indigenous to America aka Turtle Island. He is half Navajo and half Mohave. Each tribe has their own beliefs and customs, most of which he adapts into our daily life. His favorite contribution to our business is using sacred white sage, purchased from other tribal members, to cleanse the packages before they find their way home. He knows this is more my thing and still wants to contribute in his own way even if it's not something people even notice happens. After almost a decade together, we had settled into our lives together with the understanding that the universe has plans for us, even when we're not expecting changes.

With that said, at ages 36 and 41, WE'RE HAVING A BABY! This baby is a total miracle as we thought we were unable to naturally conceive and decided to let the universe take us on our course. Now more than ever, our little shop is a much needed source of support and we couldn't be more excited to see where this journey takes us! If you would like to follow along, I post on TikTok under my shop name as well as occasionally on Instagram. Feel free to check in to see what is going on. We hope to be able to bring a piece of joy into your world!

Thank you for reading <3

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